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METHOTREXATE (methotrexate) Special Handling Instructions

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Pfizer reconnaît les préoccupations du grand public concernant la situation liée à la COVID-19, qui continue d'évoluer. Cliquez ici pour savoir comment nous avons réagi.

Special Handling Instructions

General:  Individuals who have contact with anti-cancer drugs, or work in areas where these drugs are used, may be exposed to these agents in air or through direct contact with contaminated objects.

Safe Handling and Disposal:  Good medical practice will minimize exposure of persons involved with frequent handling of this drug as outlined below:


  1. Methotrexate has no vesicant properties and does not show acute toxicity on topical contact with the skin or mucous membranes. However, persons involved with handling cytotoxic drugs should avoid contact with skin and inhalation of airborne particles.
  2. Preparation of antineoplastic solutions should be done in a vertical laminar flow hood (Biological Safety Cabinet - Class II).
  3. Personnel preparing methotrexate solutions should wear PVC gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing such as disposable gowns and masks.
  4. Personnel regularly involved in the preparation and handling of antineoplastics should have bi-annual blood examinations.


  1. Avoid contact with skin and inhalation of airborne particles by use of PVC gloves and disposable gowns and masks.
  2. All needles, syringes, vials and other materials for disposal which have come in contact with Methotrexate Injection USP should be segregated in plastic bags, sealed and marked as hazardous waste. Incinerate at 1000°C or higher. Sealed containers may explode if a tight seal exists.
  3. If incineration is not available, rinse all needles, syringes, tubing and other materials for disposal which have come in contact with methotrexate solutions with water and discard in the sewer system with running water.

Rinse vials with the appropriate quantity of water with the aid of a hypodermic syringe. Withdraw the solution and discard in the sewer system with running water.  Dispose of rinsed equipment and vials in a safe manner.

Cleaning: Non-disposable equipment that has come in contact with Methotrexate Injection USP may be rinsed with water and washed thoroughly with soap and water.

Spillage/Contamination: Wear gloves, mask and protective clothing.  Place spilled material in an appropriate container (i.e. cardboard for broken glass) and then in a polyethylene bag; absorb remains with gauze pads or towels; wash area with water and absorb with gauze or towels again and place in bag; seal, double bag and mark as a hazardous waste. Dispose of waste by incineration or by other methods approved for hazardous materials. Personnel involved in clean up should wash with soap and water.

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